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Provider ICT is an independent consulting agency offering Aged Care and Disability Providers across Australia ICT advice and services for market product awareness, audits and reports, workshops, tender/RFI/RFP works, project management, vendor negotiations and ongoing strategy and governance.


Provider ICT helps with

the transition journey

Provider ICT understands that not every Provider is well versed as to what is currently available in the market and particularly to the intricacies of ‘end-to-end’ Enterprise Cloud platforms as a solution to regulatory reform.

National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS

Of the hundreds of Providers operating Australia-wide, many cannot afford dedicated ICT Departments, internal ICT specialists or even have time available to conduct audits, investigate available products, vendors capabilities and multi product integration options available in the market for end-to-end solutions. This is where we fit-in.

Provider ICT makes that transition journey a lot easier and a lot safer.

about us

the team

mark nesti

Experience and knowledge

Leveraging upon 12 years of Military Aviation and Communication knowledge and entering the ICT industry at the build up to the DotCom era, Mark has specialised in solutions for Public and Private Healthcare, Aged Care, Fire & Emergency Services, Mining, Manufacturing and Casino-Gaming since 2000.

Mark’s hardware, software and firmware experience includes Smart Device enabled Mobile Applications, browser enabled Enterprise Cloud environments, traditional PC-Server architecture including SAN/NAS, Routers/Switches across WAN/LAN networks. Additionally, Mark has been involved with the design and deployment of server-side software and stand-alone hardware for the delivery of messaging throughout Hospitals, Simulcast Networks across regional Hospital groups and State-wide message delivery systems for Fire & Emergency Services, having created a range of Emergency Messaging solutions charged with the deployment of over 17,000 Fire Fighters into the field.

reforms to Disability (NDIS) & Aged Care (CDC)

Since the Australian Government introduced reforms to Disability (NDIS) and Aged Care (CDC) Mark has been working with established ICT and Tech Entrepreneurs in the design and delivery of the latest Enterprise Cloud environments including Mobile Applications, for the effective delivery services while keeping Providers aligned to regulatory changes.

Throughout these years Mark has been involved with and headed-up multiple Government and Private Tenders, ROIs, RFPs and from both client and vendor sides of negotiations.


mark nesti

Pre-ICT History

Australian Army
After leaving High School Mark joined the Australian Army in early 1987. He spent five years within B Coy and Spt Coy Reconnaissance/Sniper Cell, 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, Brisbane, serving at postings in Malaysia, Thailand and the United States, the latter being part of the build-up to the Persian Gulf War and the future Interoperability of American, British, Canadian and Australian forces, eventually becoming known as the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ leading into the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

After transferring to the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Mark worked as an engine, airframe and electrical technician at 171 Sqn, Oakey and C Sqn 5Th Aviation Regt, Townsville, on UH-1H Iroquois, UH-60 Blackhawk and CH-47 Chinook helicopters over the next six years. During the latter three years he conducted post-maintenance test flight operations and was involved with Australian Defence Force test and evaluation of the first Reconnaissance-Strike Drones manufactured by Israeli Defence Industries. Today’s Predator Drones are an evolution of these long range, long duration Unmanned Aerial Vehicle platforms.

After leaving the Australian Defence Force in 1998, Mark worked with Singapore Air Force’s 130 Sqn Jet Fighter Training School, operating SIAI-Marchetti S.211 at Pearce Air Base, Western Australia.